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University College of the North

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University College of the North, formally established on July 1, 2004, is Manitoba's newest post-secondary education institution offering Trades, Adult Education, Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs. The University College of the North is an institution devoted to community and northern development and reflects the Aboriginal reality and cultural diversity of northern Manitoba.

The University College of the North will:

* Provide an integrated college and university approach to offer northern Manitoba greater access to the breadth of post-secondary education

* Provide post-secondary education and training fundamental to the social and economic development of northern Manitoba in a culturally sensitive and collaborative manner

* Provide the learner with community centered education and training characterized by a culture of openness, inclusiveness and tolerance and respectful of Aboriginal and northern values

Most CBE students with complex learning needs are successful in their community school classroom with the implementation of personalized supports. For students who require more comprehensive support, CBE provides specialized classes and intensive treatment-based schools designed to support students with significant and complex learning, physical, social emotional and health needs. It is for these programs and educational settings that we are recruiting.

Thompson, MB

Native Education College


The Native Education College has been operated by the(NEC) Native Education College, a non-profit society with an Aboriginal Board of Directors, since 1985. The college is a private post-secondary educational institute registered and accredited with the Private Post Secondary Education Commission of BC. Post-secondary programs receive credit through an affiliation with Vancouver Community College and partnerships with public colleges, universities and institutes throughout BC.

The Native Education College offers programming for Aboriginal adults from the basic literacy level to certificates and diplomas with university transfer. All of the programs follow an Aboriginal curriculum, which includes Aboriginal content, methods of communication and cultural values.

Programs prepare students to continue their education or to work in Aboriginal organizations as well as the mainstream community.

Programs offered at the Native Education College include:

-Aboriginal Adult Basic EducationCollege Connections Applied Business Technology Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts Trades Training Aboriginal Resident Care Family & Community Counselling Basic Early Childhood Education Aboriginal Justice Studies Aboriginal Tourism Operations Aboriginal Tourism Management Aboriginal Land Stewardship Learning Futures/Educational Planning Workshops First Host Workshops

The Native Education College is honoured to work with students from the urban Aboriginal community who have links to nations across BC and Canada.

Vancouver, BC

Conseil scolaire Viamonde

Qui nous sommes

Le Conseil scolaire Viamonde est un conseil scolaire laïc de langue française en pleine croissance, situé dans le sud de lnOntario.

Chaque année, le Conseil embauche des enseignantes et des enseignants pour ses écoles élémentaires et secondaires en forte expansion (48 à la rentrée 2016), lesquelles accueillent plus de 11 000 élèves sur un territoire qui sétend douest en est de Windsor à Trenton et du nord au sud de Penetanguishene à la région de Niagara en passant par Toronto et London.

Le Conseil sollicite les candidatures denseignantes et denseignants qualifiés pour des postes permanents ou de suppléance à long terme pour tous les cours denseignement général et pour certains domaines spécialisés aux niveaux primaire, moyen, intermédiaire et supérieur.

Le Conseil sollicite également des candidatures à tous les postes de soutien pédagogique ou administratif dont les écoles ont besoin (aide-enseignant, éducateur de la petite enfance, éducateur spécialisé, surveillant du midi, secrétaire d'école, technicien en bibliothèque, animateur culturel, technicien informatique...)

Toronto, ON

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Canadian School Guadalajara

The Canadian School Guadalajara is the first Alberta Accredited School in Mexico and in Latin America. We offer the Alberta and Mexican curriculums in an English immersion setting. We are looking for highly qualified staff to contribute their skills, knowledge, and talents towards the high standard of education we strive to achieve at our school.


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