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We foster the uniqueness of every student
Alcuin College for the Liberal Arts is a progressive, independent K-12 school where each child’s unique curiosity is recognized as the key to unlock learning. Mandated to keep our classes small, every child is known, understood and has the space be an individual.

Parents become part of our team
We collaborate closely with parents so we always have the insights that help us understand and adapt to their child’s changing needs. Parents frequently tell us their kids are more engaged and more confident.

Teachers are versatile to personalize learning
We hire teachers for their professional excellence, and their ability to inspire learning. They too, are lifelong learners open to learning from the students and each other.

Mainstream teachers with large classes have no option but to follow structured lesson plans and use “show and tell” teaching methods. By contrast, our educators can adapt the course of learning to how each student best learns, thinks and inquires in order to achieve the desired education goal.

Naturally for subjects like math and science at the higher grades, “traditional” teaching methods are the most appropriate – and we use them too.

Our flexible curriculum meets provincial standards
Our curriculum incorporates languages, humanities, arts, sciences and math. Our educational outcomes comply with the standards set by the Province and like any school we’re inspected to ensure we meet those standards.

What’s different at Alcuin is how we achieve learning outcomes. In mainstream schools teachers follow a fixed curriculum, structured lesson plans and syllabi, with class assignments and “mass” evaluation methods. Here, teachers stick to the provincially required learning outcomes but rather than follow fixed curricula and syllabi with structured lesson plans, they adeptly pique the student’s curiosity so as to leverage their interests motivate the students to engage with the learning.

We’re more a college than a school
A school is where a group of students listens and learns from the teacher. A college is an active community of scholars ̶ some of whom are teaching, all of whom are learning. This why you’ll see both teacher and student wearing the Alcuin uniform; to reflect that together we’re pursuing the quest for knowledge.

Our learning environment is not confined by walls
Classrooms are open plan except for higher grade math and science
Most of our classrooms don’t have walls – the learning environment is open plan. Grades mingle, ideas and learning is exchanged and social skills are greatly advanced as children learn to interact with others who are older or younger. We see friendships form across grades and age-dependent cliquing is rare.
However, as students advance to higher grades and subjects like math and science become more complex and syllabi more structured, walls are a necessity and those classrooms have them.

Our community of business partners educates students in the real world
Students are frequently off site, learning from the real world in the real world. Our growing network of community partners comprises businesses and professionals who voluntarily share their knowledge and skills to educate our students in situ. This provides context and skills in ways a classroom cannot, and enriches our academic programs.

Alcuin College is a private organization
Enrollment: 90
No. of Schools: 1

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