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Wasaho Education Authority

The Fort Severn First Nation Reserve is the most northerly community in the Province of Ontario. It is located at the edge of the tree line, Six miles from the mouth of the Severn River.

Fort Severn, ON


Hackergal’s Hackathon Program is designed to encourage learners to achieve their full potential through 6 Future-Ready Competencies. Learning to code and making a difference through technology goes beyond programming knowledge and skills. That’s why these core competencies equip girls with the ability to meet the complex demands of diverse contexts and be successful in their everyday lives and in their future.

We believe that every girl can thrive when they are given the opportunity to tell their story and share their voice. We want to champion them along the way!

Toronto, ON

Valhalla Community School (

The Valhalla Community School was started by a group of parents and local residents when adjustments were made to the local school boundaries in early 2008. The opportunity to start a charter school was presented to the community. The parents and supporters in this small community northwest of Grande Prairie, Alberta, appointed a steering committee to explore and develop initiatives. This committee began a series of meetings with the stakeholders in the local education system.

Three school buses were purchased and delivered to Valhalla Centre by volunteer community members. Resource materials were obtained and teachers and bus drivers hired. All this was accomplished in the space of a few months. With the help of Alberta Education the charter process was completed and the first day of classes was September 2nd.

Valhalla Centre, AB

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Christian Alliance International School (CAIS)

The school maintains an evangelical Christian environment, and requires all students to speak English. CAIS utilizes the curriculum of Alberta Education, Canada at all grade levels. Teaching is advertised as being student-centered, inquiry-based approach that emphasizes integration of technology across the curriculum. In addition, the secondary program provides opportunity for students to enroll in a number of Advanced Placement courses that can be counted toward the 100-credit Alberta Diploma requirement.

Hong Kong

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