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Information for Advertisers - Media Kit - E-Publications

Education Canada Network has a growing database of educators who have opted into receive electronic newsletters from us. This database is a very valuable marketing tool. Education Canada Network produces three types of electronic newsletters/emails that are delivered on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

E-Publication Advertising Options:

  • Job Seeker Newsletter
    This publication is sent out to our registered job seekers each month. The newsletter provides a variety of information for job seekers on how to most effectively use Education Canada's services to offering a variety of career search and professional development advice. We offer a variety of advertising on the monthly job seeker newsletter including: banner advertising, commentary/editorial or text ads. Click here to view an example of this e-publication.
  • Job Opps E-Bulletin
    This publication is sent out weekly to our registered job seekers. The Job Opps E-Bulletin features the job opportunities of up to three of our subscribing employers. There are banner advertising opportunities available in this publication. If you are promoting an employment opportunity (not a business opportunity) you can also advertise it here and become a "feature employer". Click here to view an example of this e-publication.
  • Job Bot Email Notices
    Our registered job seekers have the option to set up a "job bot" that will notify them of any new job postings that are added to Education Canada. These are simple text emails with a link back to a job seeker's My ECN Centre where they can then view the new jobs that meet their interest and qualifications. We allow text advertising within the job bot emails. These advertisements can be up to 250 words and can contain links back to the advertiser's website. Click here to view an example of this a job bot email.
  • Direct Marketing Email
    This opportunity allows you to send a direct electronic flyer to our registered job seekers. Your firm will be required to provide Education Canada with the creative and the content you want sent. Once the content has been approved by Education Canada your flyer will be sent through our listsrv. Education Canada only allows a limited number of direct email flyers to be sent monthly. In addition, Education Canada controls and manages access to our email database and delivery of the message.

Delivery Frequency of E-Publications :

  • Job Opps E-Bulletin - weekly
  • Job Bot Notices - daily
  • Direct Marketing Email - upon request

Circulation of E-Publications:

  • Job Opps E-Bulletin - 500,000 / month
  • Job Bot Notices - 150,000 / month
  • Employer Newsletters - 1,500 / month
  • Direct Marketing Email - 125,000

Types of Advertising available in ECN's E-Publications:

Publication: Newsletter JobOpps Job Bots
Banner Ads
Editorial Advertising
Text Ads

Specs for E-Publication Advertisements:

Banner Advertisements:

Banners are placed along the right-hand column of our newsletters. They have to be either gif, jpg or animated gif. The acceptable dimensions of an e-publication banner ad is 130 x 230 pixels.

Editorial/Commentary Advertisements:

These text-based editorials can be up to 750 words in length. They may contain links back to the advertiser's home page and any contact information required.

Text Ads:

These text-based editorials can be up to 250 words in length. They are to be a short, to-the-point message about an advertiser's product, service or opportunity. They may contain links back to the advertisers home page and any contact information required.

The value of advertising in our e-publications:

  • The electronic communications that we maintain with our members is a very effective tool to specifically target teachers and other educators.
  • Like our other advertising options we do provide a high degree of customization and flexibility that will allow you to promote your products and services in the manner that best suits your objectives.
  • Highly affordable. For such direct access to a specific target audience Education Canada will work with you to meet your marketing budget.

Get More Information:

Click here to have one of our representatives contact you regarding advertising on Education Canada.

Note: To ensure we do not over saturate our e-publication with advertisements we limit the number of ads placed within each publication. Contact us for more information on the advertiser limits on our e-publications. For the direct marketing email we only allow two of these messages to be delivered each month.

Education Canada does not, and will not, provide direct uncontrolled or managed access to our database of job seekers. In addition, we do not sell any contact information of our registrants to third parties.

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