Math Teachers

Department Description


This is a learning organization. As such, all employees strive for professional and institutional development within a culture of effectiveness that:

Values collaboration, teamwork and self

Encourages ethical behavior

Facilitates life-long learning

Utilizes new technologies.

Brief Description:


To create effective and stimulating learners-centered opportunities for learning through high quality instruction that enables the development and progression of all learners. To have enthusiasm for the subject matter that inspires others to have a lifelong love of learning and the motivation, skills and attitudes to be productive citizens contributing positively to the development of the country.

Detailed Description:


Exercise leadership by taking personal responsibility for monitoring and assessing the progress of all learners

Maximize efficiency, maintain discipline and morale, promote teamwork, plan, communicate, focus on results, evaluate progress, and make constant adjustments to their professional practice

Use a range of strategies to promote positive relationships, cooperation, and purposeful learning in the classroom

Engage learners in individual and cooperative learning activities that help them develop their knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes for learning

Organize, allocate, and manage the most appropriate educational resources to facilitate active and equitable engagement of learners in productive tasks

Use a range of teaching and learning strategies to engage learners in active learning opportunities that promote the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance capabilities and that help learners assume responsibility for identifying and using learning resources

Use formal tests, responses to quizzes, evaluation of class assignments, learner performances, projects, and standardized achievement tests to understand what learners know

Use formative assessment strategies that involve learners in self-assessment activities to help them become aware of their strengths and needs, and to encourage them to set personal goals for learning Maintain up to date records of learners work and performance and communicate learners progress knowledgeably and responsibly, based on appropriate indicators, to learners, parents, and other colleagues

Keep the needs of learners at the center of all professional planning and decision-making

Actively participate in staff development programmes and performance review

Pursue further training and professional development as a teacher

Prepare learners for qualifications and external examinations

Participate in and support extracurricular activities, such as outings, social activities and sporting events

Job Description:

Participate in departmental meetings and reviews as required

Communicate and consult with parents on learner progress

Actively participate in and support whole-school training events

Provide guidance and advice to learners on educational and social matters

Maintain a clear distinction between personal values and professional ethics

Maintain discipline in accordance with the rules and disciplinary system of the institute

Work collaboratively with colleagues, families, and the community to support the learning environment

Uphold the Institute’s code of conduct and all school policies

Undertake such other related duties as may be assigned from time to time by the institute.

Job Requirements:


Bachelor degree in the curricular subject from a recognized university. Masters degree is preferred

Teaching Certificate / Diploma from a recognized university or equivalent.

ILETS 7 or higher for Non-Native language speakers is required. 1-3 years’ of experience in his/her field based on proven experience in a reputable institute/school and the candidate’s GPA.

Additional Details:


High degree of technology skills and educational software and materials Preferably the candidate to have experience in using various mathematical software(s) which would enhance the teaching and learning experience in the classroom. (examples but not limited to : Geometer’s Sketchpad – GeoGebra - Autograph – Mathematica, Graphmatica)

Experienced with Advanced Placement Courses and Exams Experienced in using the graphing calculator is an advantage.

How to apply:

Interested candidates should Email their CVs to with “the position applied for” in the subject line

Please quote "Education Canada Network" when apply to this position the email.

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