Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School

Due to retirements and enrolment changes Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School, a certified BC Offshore School in Suzhou, China is seeking to fill the following position for the 2018/2019 academic year:

One senior secondary science teacher who can teach Physics or Chemistry (Grade 11 or 12).  The ability to teach Math would be an asset.

Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School (SIPFLS) serves students in Grades 10,11 and 12.  It is annually inspected by the BC Ministry of Education. The school follows the British Columbia Curriculum and teachers develop their programs around the province’s Prescribed Learning Outcomes.  All credit course subjects are taught by BC Certified Teachers.  Our school is relatively small (approx 200 students) compared to some of the larger BC Offshore Schools, but we see that as one of our strengths. We know our students and many of our parents and we create participatory activities and nurture our students through our program to successful post-secondary institutions after they graduate.  We are an extended family of learners. 


Teachers who are employed at SIPFLS (and all BC Offshore schools) must possess a valid BC Teaching Certificate or be in the process of obtaining this certificate. If you have teacher certification from a province other than BC normally you will be eligible for a BC teaching certificate and a Chinese work visa. SIPFLS has teachers who were trained and taught in many Canadian provinces. Teachers certified in jurisdictions outside Canada may also be eligible for BC Certification.  Information about certification can be found at     

Salary and Benefits:

SIPFLS offers an excellent package including a salary that is highly competitive with other BC Offshore Schools, a good health insurance package, a generous housing allowance, and an annual return flight stipend of $1800. CDN.  The school has an excellent reputation and very good working conditions.

Life in Suzhou:

Suzhou is one of the most livable cities in China. There are many advantages to living in this city and particularly in Suzhou Industrial Park.  Despite the name, this section of Suzhou is relatively new with many green spaces and parks.  There are cinemas that regularly show western movies, coffee shops like Starbucks, and a number of western restaurants in the area that serve everything from pizza to Mexican food. There are  stores that sell western groceries as well as smaller more local markets where fresh fruit and vegetables can be purchased very cheaply. The cost of living is about half of what it is in Canada and money can go a long way.

Suzhou is famous for its classical Chinese gardens and there are several Chinese historical water towns in the area.  The Suzhou Cultural Centre is a world-class facility complete with concert hall, occasional International performances, and an Imax theatre.

Suzhou is served by a number of high speed trains that are convenient for traveling on weekends or holidays.  Shanghai, with two airports, is a mere 30 minute train ride away and there are multiple trains each day going to Nanjing and Hangzhou.

Please send applications to Dennis Kraft at:


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