The Canadian School Guadalajara is the first Alberta Accredited School in Mexico and Latin America. We offer the Alberta and Mexican programs, in an English immersion setting. We are looking for highly qualified staff to contribute their skills, knowledge and talents towards the high standard of education we strive to achieve at our school.


The instructional leader will provide leadership that supports Success for every student.

- To serve as the chief school administrator of the school in developing and implementing policies, programs, curriculum activities, and budgets in a manner that promotes the educational development of each student and the professional development of each staff member. 

- Shaping a vision of academic success for all students 

- Cultivating leadership in others, practices, and facilitation of collaborative teamwork. 

- Creating a positive school culture. 

- Managing people, data and processes 

- Staff supervision, supporting quality teaching and school-wide initiatives. 

- Instructional leadership with an emphasis on 21st Century Cross Curricular Competencies, 

- Supporting and mentoring staff in implementation of high quality instructional and assessment 

- Assisting with the selection, planning, and implementation of professional development activities. 

- Building community with parents and all stakeholders.


- In addition to exemplary leadership competencies, requirements include: 

- Alberta Permanent Teacher Certification and leadership experience.

- Experience and evidence of leadership development. 

- Desirable international Leadership experience. 

- Ability and experience as an instructional leader fostering excellence in teaching and learning. 

- Commitment to shared leadership and working within the PLC framework. 

- Range of experience teaching in elementary - knowledge of K-Junior High curriculum. 

- Competent use of information and communication technologies as tools in a variety of digital 
environments and media including experience with Google Apps. 

- Easily adaptable to a new culture and language. 

- Desirable knowledge of Spanish. 

- Minimum 3 years’ experience of leadership in an Alberta school setting. 


- Four-year University teaching degree in Elementary Education or Secondary Jr. High. 

- Experience teaching at the elementary level or Secondary Jr. High. 

- Recognized professional teaching certification in Canada or the US.

- Proficient in English with excellent pronunciation. 

- Able to teach in a Cross-Curricular and 21st Century environment. 

- Actively seek 
new opportunities to integrate information technology into the curriculum. Strive to maintain and improve professional competence.

-  Preferred: Familiarity with Daily Five and CAFE, Balanced Literacy, Running Records, strong Literacy and Numeracy skills and working with ELL students would be considered an asset, as would the willingness to contribute to the growth of Canadian School by taking an active part in committees, the school community, design teams and other school initiatives. 

- Ability to work within the culture of a Professional Learning Community. 

- Adaptability and a commitment to professionalism. 

- Easily adaptable to a new culture and language. The ability to work in a team approach with Mexican teaching partners and other grade team members. 

- Career and Technology Foundations. 

- For Jr. High – prefer previous experience in a Junior High setting.


JOB GOAL: To provide leadership in the ongoing development, assessment and improvement of the 
instructional program and staff development for the Canadian School Network in Mexico.



- Manage program implementation of Alberta and SEP-Mexican curriculum, assessment tool and any supplemental materials. 

- Work with educational staff, including instructional coach, to ensure that the program selects a high-quality curriculum, in alignment with Alberta and SEP -Mexican Ministry of Education program of studies. 

- Designs programs that meet curriculum requirements. 

- Leads in the development and maintenance of a positive coordinated educational program 
designed to meet the needs of all children. 

- Guides the administration team through the development, implementation, and evaluation of 
curriculum and instruction. 

- Support peer observation and learning between classrooms/sites. 

- Provide support to classroom education staff in creating lesson plans that are faithful to the 
curriculum and developmentally appropriate. 

- Evaluation, purchase and incorporation of recommended curriculum texts, material, resources 
and technology that will support instructional quality and integrate them into classroom instruction and program practices

Quality Instruction 

- Guides development, implementation, and evaluation of orientation and in-service training programs for professional personnel. 

- Identify and organize professional development opportunities that align to teaching staff goals and needs, in collaboration with school principals. 

- Develop and facilitate a professional learning community focused on instructional excellence. 

- Collaborate with classroom education staff to develop individual professional development 
plans for each staff member. 

- Works with building principals in the improvement of individual staff competencies. 

- Frequently visits each school to observe classroom instruction and to encourage, guide and 
support the faculty and principals in working toward achieving the learning results in Preschool 
to Junior High school. 

- Responsible for collecting, assessing, and reporting Highly Qualified Teacher Data. 

- Develop internal systems and procedures that advance instructional quality 

- Designs and implements feedback from staff, parent, student, and community members 
regarding curriculum and instruction.

- Engage education staff in individual and group reflective coaching to discuss observations 
and develop a plan to strengthen challenging areas and build on areas of strength.


- Reports annually to the Directors of schools. 

- Assists in keeping the community informed about the curriculum and instructional programs 
of the schools and student achievement. 

- Designs and implements feedback from staff, parent, student, and community members 
regarding curriculum and instruction. 


- A competitive remuneration package, which includes: salary, rent/utilities allowance, health insurance, air travel and holidays. 

- Professional Development opportunities. 

- Excellent educational facilities with a wonderful student population. 

- Strong parental involvement and support. 

- Collaborative leadership team and a great working environment. 

- Appealing lifestyle in a safe urban environment with a wonderful climate year-round.

For above positions, please submit a resume, three reference letters and photo via email to: jobopportunities@canadianschool.com.mx   

The school will be attending the University of Alberta Job Fair on January 29, 2018. Interviews will be held in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer. 

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