Teaching Positions 2018-19

All of these positions follow the Nova Scotia curriculum. Teachers must be certified or become certified in Nova Scotia. The assignments cover 3 academic classes with 110 hours of instructional time per semester. A flight is provided to China and back home at the end of the academic year. An apartment and medical is provided. You will be teaching highly motivated students with few discipline issues. Students in our Program are cooperative and a pleasure to teach.

Please contact berniemacintyre@yahoo.com.

Henan Experimental High School

Global Geography 12

English 12

ChangchunExperimental High School

English 11/12

Jilin No 1 High School

English10/Drama 10

Louyang No 1 High School

English 11/12

English School Attached to Guangdong University

English 11/12

Math 11/12

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