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Dear ECN,

I have been an ECN subscriber for several years. I got my first teaching job in 2000 from a listing provided by the ECN. When I left that job, my next position was again from a lead provided by ECN - this time in southern Saskatchewan.

This second job was only a temporary contract, and I was substitute teaching for a living when I saw another temporary job listed on ECN that happened to be within driving distance of where I lived. I got that job, which lasted for another year. When that contract expired, I was again stuck substitute teaching for just about a year.

A very attractive listing for a principal job in a small time came up that I was tempted to apply for. Feeling that I wasn't qualified, I passed up that opportunity. But this time I created a job bot that would alert me every time a similar job in that area came up - just in case I ever did find myself qualified.

The bot notified me about a month later that the same position was open once again. This time I did apply. I got called for an interview and, (you guessed it) I got the job! This time it is permanent.

I would never use any other education career resource. Whenever I see a school board insisting that perspective teachers use 'applytoteach.ca or edzap.com", I literally laugh out loud. These school boards aren't worth working for, and neither is it worth the money to use anyone but ECN.

Thank you for helping me feed my family ECN.

Best regards,


I am writing to you to tell you that I have a job with the Durham District in Ontario. Your web site gave me much needed access to information and contacts I needed in order to recieve this job. I thank you so much for providing this service.

Josh Ogilvie

Dear ECN

"I just wanted to say that through the job postings on the ECN, I managed to have four different interviews in Ontario, three of which happened before I even moved here! I found a job through the postings, which was a wonderful job teaching adult daytime continuing education. And then I was offered an even better job, three days later! The ECN is a fabulous resource for anyone who wants to find a teaching job!"

Tobey Schwartz

Many thanks for providing this service. Though I did not get my job through it, I did find it useful as a guide to what is actually out there.

Carla J. Silver

Thank You for your excellent service that you offer. Thanks to you I have found a full time job in the area that I wanted to teach in. I recommend your service to everyone that I know that is looking for a teaching job. Thank you for helping me to further my career as a teacher in a job that I know that I will have for a long time.

Lorne Wilson

Just wanted to tell you what a great site this is. I was teaching in MB for 2 years and wanted to return to the east coast (home). I was a offered a job in NF that I applied for through Education Canada. Thanks!!!

Glenda Buckley


I successfully obtained a job in May by contacting a school listed on the website. I got my job in the Ontario North East District School Board on May 18, at Kirkland Lake Collegiate and Vocational Institute. I had been regularly checking the ECN website since September, and had been receiving job bots since January, and my persistence definitely paid off - when I saw the listing on your site for Kirkland Lake, I immediately sent a resume package and was called for an interview the following week. I was really impressed with the service, and I was not subscribing to any other teacher networking sites, other than checking the on-line classifieds of the Globe and Mail. I continue to recommend your site to all of my friends in the teaching profession.

Thank you for the assistance regarding control of the job bots - I will work on editing/deleting them asap. And thanks again for such a terrific and helpful website!

Victoria Wooldridge

I would like to thank you for the service that you have provided for me. I found a job in Meadow Lake, Sask. as the Grade Three teacher. Just what I wanted! I would like to take my file off line and close my account. Thank you once again.

Shawn Flett

I have just returned from a successful interview - hired for a job at a private school [Sutherland Academy] that advertised with ECN. Glad that I was registered and checked in frequently. This is a great service for teachers who are relocating, as I am. I no longer need the updates, of course... at least not for now. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Pat Grappolini

I would like to thank-you for the network as I have now accepted a job in Canada while still teaching here in England. Not that my students here are happy I am returning to Canada. Your daily newsletters have helped me tremendously to find a job in Alberta. Thank for the daily job reports and for everything else. Good luck to others searching for a job.

Mary Claire Belanger

My friend Amy and I both got teaching positions through Education Canada. We'll actually be teaching at the same High School for the Northern Lights District in Alberta. I'll be teaching English and Social Studies. Amy is too, but with Math and French. We're both very excited and a bit nervous! Your program is excellent! It made it very easy for us to research and apply to districts we were interested in. Thanks a bunch! Thank you also for replying to my questions so quickly.

Rona MacEachern

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how helpful your website has been for me in my job search. I am a newly graduated teacher who was feeling a little worried about what my future would hold. I came across your website one evening while I was doing a job search. I posted my resume and applied to many jobs that were exactly what I was looking for. Within 2 weeks I had 3 interviews and was offered all three jobs! So instead of worrying about whether or not I would have a job in the fall, I had to decide between three possibilities! What a nice problem to have! I know for a fact that if I hadn't taken one of the three I would have had many more opportunities. Thank you for your wonderful service. I give you folks an A+!

C. Walsh

Just wanted to thank you for this excellent website. I just accepted a position I didn't even apply for because an employer saw my resume on your website. I know that many of my friends in the education field also use your website. It's an excellent service that I will use again when job hunting in the future.

Thanks again.
Gerry Krogstad

Thank you for your wonderful service. I have a new job that I would not have know about without this web site.

I started using ECN about a couple of months ago. I applied to a number of postings and listed my resume on line. I was called and went up from Nfld to Alberta for an interview last week and ended up accepting a Principal Position in Alberta.

Thanks again,
Elizabeth (Betty) Turpi

This website has been extremely fantastic for discovering positions that are available for employment. Thank you for creating this service. Due to your service I have been working in an isolated community over the past year in the Northwest Territories.

Daniel J. Currie

Bravo! J'adore votre site. J'ai bien aim� aussi les Fiches sur la Canada

Par contre, pour les gens qui sont peu initi�s � l'internet, je pense qu'il serait important que la liste des provinces et territoires soit de liens cliquables. Je ne suis pas certain qu'ils d�couvriraient le menu "Prov./Terri. aux choix".

Encore une fois, f�licitations pour cet excellent site.

Pierre Renaud

I have a teaching position. It was your website that helped me find the job. I was travelling in Bolivia, logged on to this site, posted my resume, found a job listing in Ottawa for a Guitar/English teacher. I sent my covering letter via email and when I returned to Canada, landed an interview, loved the school, and accepted the position.

Thank you very kindly,
Lorraine Brown

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